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    Developing Alliances: How advanced practice nurses became part of the prescription for Pennsylvania
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    Sage Journals Online
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    Hansen-Turton T, Ritter A & Valdez B
  • Description
    From website: "The authors describe how advanced practice nurses in Pennsylvania were able to successfully advocate for nursing-related legislative reforms through Governor Edward G. Rendell's signature health care reform plan (the "Prescription for Pennsylvania"). In addition to discussing advocacy efforts related to a series of nursing-related bills considered by the Pennsylvania Assembly in 2007, the article also describes years of hard work and foundational advocacy conducted by a broad coalition of nurses, which paved the way for the Prescription for Pennsylvania's reforms. By examining the successful tactics of Pennsylvania's nurse advocates, the authors conclude that policy makers' current interest in solving the health care crisis presents a tremendous opportunity for nurses to reform legislation. To seize this opportunity, nurses must learn to speak with a unified voice and build strong relationships with a broad range of bipartisan policy makers, funders, civic leaders, business leaders, and legislative advocates."
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    Workforce Assessment, Planning and Policy, Work Environment
  • Keywords
    advanced practice, advocacy, reform
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