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    Workforce Management Objective A: Assess Use, Compliance and Efficacy Nursing Workload Measurement Tools
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    Canadian Nurses Association
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    Hadley F, Graham K and Flannery M
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    [ Excerpt from auhtor(s)] Financial constraints, nursing workload/overload, accountability, clinical decision-making and reporting are driving the need to address workload measurement issues in the Canadian nursing workforce. "Nursing workload" is defined as the amount of care allocated to patients based on an assessment of their nursing needs and the care they require. WMS tools provide a system for collecting the specifics of each patient's care needs and the standard times required to complete the care in relation to the available staff time. Data generated by WMS provide managers and clinicians with information to support decision-making. The project objectives were 1)to assess utilization, compliance, and efficacy of WMS tools for registered nurses, (RNs), licensed/registered practical nurses, (LPNs) and registered psychiatric nurses, (RPsychNs) across hospital and community health care settings, and 2)to identify elements of effective WMS tools for nurses.
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    Nursing Human Resources Management
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