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    Findings from the 2005 National Survey of the Work and Health of Nurses
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    Minister of Industry (Canada)
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    Sheilds M & Wilkins K
  • Description
    "Nearly 19,000 regulated nurses ..across the country were interviewed on a variety of topics, including the conditions in which they practice, the challenges they face in doing their jobsm and their physial and metnal well-being. They shared their perceptions of work organization, including staffinf, shift work, overtime and employee support. Nurses were also asked about work stress, role overload, respect, and quality of patient care. Information about their health status, such as chronic conditions, pain, self-perceived general and mental health, medication use, and the impact of health on the performance of nursing duties, was also collected." (excerpt from document)
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    Work Environment
  • Keywords
    survey, canada, positive practice environments, health and safety
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