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    A Review and Evaluation of Workplace Violence Prevention Programs in the Health Sector
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    Nursing Health Services Research Unit
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    Wang S, Hayes, L & O'Brien Pallas, L
  • Description
    "This study involved a comprehensive literature review of workplace violence prevention programs utilized in health care and in nursing practice in particular, and an evaluation of the effectiveness of these prevention programs on their impact on the incidence ofviolence. The objectives of the study wereto; 1) analyze and sythesize the research literature which proposes or evaluates the impact of workplace violence prevention programs, and 2) develop recommendations for a comprehensive approach towards violence reduction. The report's findings will provide the framework for program initiative recommendations to be considered by policy makers. Additionally, areas in need of further study will be suggested on the basis of gaps revealed in the literature review." (exerpt from Executive Summary)
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    Work Environment
  • Keywords
    violence, evaluation, prevention, ennironment,
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