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    The looming crisis of the health workforce: How can OECD countries respond?
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    "OECD countries face a challenge in responding to the growing demand for doctors and nurses over the next 20 years. This challenge arises in a world which is already characterised by significant international migration of health workers, both across OECD countries and between some developing countries and the OECD area. What combination of human-resource management policies and migration policies is adopted by OECD countries? How do migration and other health workforce policies interact with each other? How can destination countries build a sustainable health workforce? What are the consequences of emigration of doctors and nurses for origin countries? The detailed statistics, tables and charts contained in the report are available via the StatLinks printed in the book (EXCELT)."
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    Workforce Assessment, Planning and Policy, Nursing Human Resources Management, General HR Overview Documents
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    migration, human resource management, HRH
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