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  • Date
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    Factors Influencing Work Productivity and Intent to Stay in Nursing
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    Jannetti Publications, Inc; Nursing Economics
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  • Author
    Letvak S and Buck R
  • Description
    [Excerpt from publisher]There continues to be a shortage of registered nurses (RNs) with a possible predicted short fall of 36% by 2020 (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services [DHHS], 2006). Despite recent improvements in the hospital nursing short age, the average hospital vacancy rate for RNs in the United States is 8.5% to 14% with vacancy rates of over 14% in medical-surgical and critical care areas (American Hospital Association [AHA], 2004, 2006). Much of the employment growth of RNs employed in hospitals has been in nurses over age 50 (Buerhaus, Auerbach, & Staiger, 2007). How ever, 49% of hospitals surveyed stated it was more difficult to recruit RNs in 2005 than it was in 2004 (AHA, 2006). Hospital nurse staffing is a concern because of the effects a shortage has on patient safety and quality of care (Buerhaus, Donelan, Ulrich, Norman, & Dittus, 2005; Ulrich, Buerhaus, Donelan, Norman, & Dittus, 2005).
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    Nursing Human Resources Management
  • Keywords
    productivity; safe staffing; retention
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