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    Pandemic Influenza Human Resources Guidance for the NHS
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    NHS Employers
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    [Excerpt from publisher] The pandemic flu HR guidance covers the range of issues which may emerge in the event of a pandemic: -it outlines the main features of the proposed response to the pandemic. Full details of how services will be restructured including the setting up of a 'pandemic flu line' to be coordinated by NHS Direct, arrangements in primary and community services and changes to hospital based services are dealt with in more detail in a range of other pandemic guidance which has been issued by the Department of Health. -how staff can be redeployed and how organisations can work together can sustain services to deal with the pandemic impact -how the NHS should deal with the likely impact of the pandemic on staffing levels for example by seeking to build up a reserve pool of potential staff to draw on to fill in gaps created by staff absence -how to manage staff absence and in particular dealing with staff that have caring responsibilities especially school age children -ensuring staff are used most effectively and reassuring staff around issues such as discipline -how to comply with the working time regulations providing support to staff during and the pandemic the recovery phase.
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    Workforce Assessment, Planning and Policy
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    Workforce Assessment, Planning and Policy
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