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    Outcomes of Interventions to Improve Hospital Nursing Work Environments
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    Journal of Nursing Administration.
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    McGillis Hall L, Doran D and Pink L
  • Description
    [Excerpt from publisher]Objective: The impact of interventions designed to improve the nursing work environment on patient and nurse outcomes was examined. Background: Nursing work environments have been characterized as contributing to patient outcomes as a result of organizational management practices, workforce deployment, work design, and organizational culture. Methods: This quasi-experimental study involved 16 unit managers, 1,137 patients, and 296 observations from registered nurses over time. Results: After participation in the intervention, study nurses reported higher perceptions of their work and work environment. Demographic nurse, unit, and hospital characteristics also had an impact on the work environment and outcomes. Conclusions: Findings in this study highlight the importance of understanding factors in the work environment that influence patient and nurse outcomes.
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    Work Environment
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    work environment
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