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    Next Generation Workforce
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    Nursing Economics- Janetti Inc.
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    Swenson C
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    [Excerpt from publisher] Executive Summary - The health care industry has become a very complex business. Costs are rising and resources such as funding and human capital are diminishing. -Human capital resources are about to reach true crisis proportions. The vital workforce we have counted on is expected to begin thinning as large numbers of Boomers retire. Not only does this deplete the workforce from a pure numbers perspective, but it also affects intellectual capital and institutional memory. - Generational trends and characteristics have affected the workforce environment and will continue to do so as another generation continues to enter the workforce. - Generation Y, also tagged Nexter, offers core values that can bring positive changes to the health care workforce. - Technology continues to change at lightning speed. Embracing new technology and using it to refine the way we do business will help deliver success. - Meaningful strategic plans are needed to change the model of business delivery and employee care in our future workforce.
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    Nursing Human Resources Management
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    ageing workforce
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