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    Crisis in Human Resources for Health Care and the Potential of a Retired Workforce: Case Study of the Independent Midwifery Sector in Tanzania
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    Oxford University Press- Health Policy and Planning
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  • Author
    Rolfe B, Leshabari S, Rutta F and Murray SF
  • Description
    [Excerpt from authors]The human resource crisis in health care is an important obstacle to attainment of the health-related targets for the Millennium Development Goals. One suggested strategy to alleviate the strain upon government services is to encourage new forms of non-government provision. Detail on implementation and consequences is often lacking, however. This article examines one new element of non-government provision in Tanzania: small-scale independent midwifery practices. A multiple case study analysis over nine districts explored their characteristics, and the drivers and inhibitors acting upon their development since permitted by legislative change.
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    Nursing Human Resources Management
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    ageing workforce
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