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    Mandatory Hospital Nurse to Patient Staffing Ratios: Time to Take a Different Approach
  • Journal

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    The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing
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  • Author
    Welton J
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    [Excerpt from author] Proponents of mandatory, inpatient nurse-to-patient staffing ratios have lobbied state legislatures and the United States Congress to enact laws to improve overall working conditions in hospitals. Proposed minimum, nurse-to-patient staffing ratios, such as those enacted by California, are intended to address a growing concern that patients are being harmed by inadequate staffing related to increasing severity of illness and complexity of care. However, mandatory ratios, if imposed nationally, may result in increased overall costs of care with no guarantees for improvement in quality or positive outcomes of hospitalization.
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    Nursing Human Resources Management
  • Keywords
    nurse: patient ratios; safe staffing
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