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    Task Shifting: Rational Redistribution of Tasks Among Health Workforce Teams - Global Recommendations and Guidelines
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    World Health Organization; UNAIDS; PEPFAR
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    [Expert from publisher]The recommendations and guidelines have been developed over a period of one year through a process of country consultation, extensive evidence gathering (including specially commissioned research to address knowledge gaps), and broad consultation among a wide range of experts and stakeholders. The outcome is a set of 22 recommendations that provide overall guidance to those countries that are considering adopting or extending a task shifting approach. The recommendations and guidelines identify and define the key elements that must be in place if the approach is to prove safe, efficient, effective, equitable and sustainable. They cover the need for consultation, situation analysis and national endorsement, and for an enabling regulatory framework. They specify the quality assurance mechanisms, including standardized training, supportive supervision, and certification and assessment, that will be important to ensure quality of care. They cover the elements that will need to be considered for the purpose of ensuring adequate resources for implementation and offer advice on the organization of clinical care services under a task shifting approach.
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    Workforce Assessment, Planning and Policy, Nursing Human Resources Management
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    task shifting
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