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    Nursing Self Sufficiency/Sustainability in the Global Context
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    International Centre on Nurse Migration and the International Centre for Human Resources in Nursing
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    Little L and Buchan J
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    [Excerpt from authors] The 2006 World Health Report has identified shortages of human resources as the critical obstacle to the achievement of the millennium development goals (MDGs). Nursing shortages are on the agenda in many countries, developed and developing, and the International Council of Nurses (ICN) has established a global workforce initiative which has highlighted that previous efforts to address nursing shortages have often been short term, fragmented and inadequate. One major challenge for all countries is to establish workforce planning mechanisms that effectively meet the demands for health care and provide workforce stability. However, few nations have developed strategic plans for meeting nursing resource requirements that effectively address supply and demand. Instead, many developed countries choose to implement short term policy levers such as increased reliance on immigration, sometimes to the detriment of developing countries. This has prompted calls for developed countries to employ a model of so-called "self sufficiency" in addressing nursing and other health human resource shortages. The aim of this paper is to examine what definitions and models of "self sufficiency" exist in a nursing workforce context, and discuss their implications for policy. There is broad agreement in the healt
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    Workforce Assessment, Planning and Policy
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    international migration
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