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    Lost in Translation: Exploring the Link Between HRM and Performance in Healthcare
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    Blackwell Publishing, Inc.; Human Resource Management Journal
  • Year
  • Author
    Bartram T, Stanton P, Leggat S, Casimir G and Fraser B
  • Description
    [Excerpt from authors]In this article we report on evidence from public healthcare organisations in Victoria, Australia. Using survey data collected in 2004 from 132 Victorian public health facilities, we investigated the adoption of strategic HRM from the reported experiences of chief executive officers (CEOs), HR directors (HRDs) and other senior managers (SMs). In this article, first, we investigate links between HRM and performance in healthcare settings and the extent to which healthcare organisations are monitoring HRM. Second, we explore differences and similarities in perspectives of strategic HRM from the respondent groups. Finally, we provide insights into some of the factors associated with these similarities and differences.
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    Nursing Human Resources Management
  • Keywords
    human resources management ; job performance
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