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    Politics, Economics, and Nursing Shortages: A Critical Look at United States Government Policies
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    Nursing Economics
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    Elgie R
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    [Excerpt from authors]Economic policies to address the shortage of registered nurses (RN) in the United States emphasize the use of nurse education supply subsidies in the form of grants, loans, and vouchers that have changed little during the past 4 decades. The first such subsidies began in 1964 in the Nurse Student Loan program en acted under the Title VI Civil Rights Act (American Association of Colleges of Nursing [AACN], 2006). Nurse supply subsidies have continued ever since, and are currently provided in the Nurse Reinvestment Act (NRA) HR 3847 under Title VIII of the Public Health Service Act signed by President Bush on August 1, 2002 (Senate of the United States, 2002). None of the current literature on the nursing shortage questions the prevailing recommendations to maintain and even increase nursing supply subsidies.
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    Workforce Assessment, Planning and Policy, Nursing Human Resources Management
  • Keywords
    retention; nursing supply and demand
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