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    Lateral Violence: Nurse Against Nurse - Continuing Education Module
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    American Nurses Association
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    Rowell PA
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    [Excerpt from author] Violence between and among workers is not unusual today. In health care, violence is a growing problem among nurses, as well as other disciplines. This independent study module focuses on lateral violence between and among nurses. The purpose of this independent study module is to increase nurses' awareness and understanding of the problem of violence between nurse co-workers in the health care setting. Although there are several theories regarding why lateral violence is a problem among nurses, the core issue continues to be that violent behavior towards another oftentimes injures the other's self-esteem. Such an adversarial dyad serves no one but establishes an atmosphere for increasing anger and possibly violent behavior. To stop lateral violence, the chief executive nursing officer must set a "zero tolerance" policy towards violent or abusive behavior among staff. This policy must be strictly and justly administered so that all employees accept that the policy is "for real" and applies to staff nurse and/or nurse administrators. No one ever deserves to be abused by anyone or by any type of behavior.
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    Work Environment
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    workplace violence; harassment; work environment
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