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    Workplace Practices for Retaining Older Hospital Nurses: Implications From a Study of Nurses With Eldercare Responsibilities
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    SAGE Publications; Policy, Politics, & Nursing Practice
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  • Author
    Rosenfeld P
  • Description
    [Excerpt from publisher]Attempts to address the nursing shortage must consider the aging nursing supply and the decreased labor participation among nurses at age 55 and older. Efforts to retain older, experienced nurses have been meager, and little attention is paid to the role of eldercare in decisions to leave the profession. This pilot study examines current workplace practices that may contribute to early withdrawal of older nurses from the hospital workforce. Interviews with 28 elder caregiving registered nurses and assistive nursing personnel at a New York hospital were conducted. Respondents reported that successful management of their dual roles rests on identifying units and shifts that suit their needs, erecting clear boundaries between home and work, and their love of nursing. "Caregiver-friendly" practices such as creative, flexible scheduling; access to social workers; financial and legal services; and increased awareness among managers about caregiver strains were recommended.
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    Nursing Human Resources Management
  • Keywords
    ageing workforce; nurse retention
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