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  • Date
  • Title
    Teaching and Community Hospital Work Environments
  • Journal

  • Publisher
    Sage Publications; Western Journal of Nursing Research
  • Year
  • Author
    McGillis Hall L, Doran D, Sidani S and Pink L
  • Description
    [Excerpt from publisher]The Institute of Medicine report suggests that nursing work environments experience threats to patient safety related to organizational management and workforce deployment practices, work design, and organizational culture. Organizational factors contribute to nursing and potentially patient outcomes, yet few studies have examined the differences in practices perceived by nurses employed in different settings. Nurses from 16 medical and surgical units in eight randomly selected acute care hospitals representing teaching and community organizations participated in this project. Nurses working in teaching hospitals reported lower levels of role tension, yet their perceptions of the quality of work, the work environment, nursing unit leadership, quality of care, and levels of job stress and job satisfaction were higher than their colleagues in the community sites. This study highlights some important differences between teaching and community hospitals that can inform nurse executives and policy makers of the unique work-life issues for different groups of nurses.
  • Categories
    Nursing Human Resources Management, Work Environment
  • Keywords
    work environment; nursing workload; job stress; work design
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