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    What's Ailing our Nurses? A Discussion of the Major Issues Affecting Nursing Human Resources in Canada
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    Canadian Health Services Research Foundation
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    Priest A for CHSRF
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    [Excerpt from author] This report is intended to generate discussion and direct future initiatives aimed at improving the current nationwide shortage of nurses. It is a review, analysis, and discussion of six major research documents on Canadian nursing human resource issues produced during the last five years. The questions this report sets out to answer are: What are the fundamental issues behind nursing human resource challenges? What solutions and strategies have been put forward to address them? What areas are being addressed? What areas have not been addressed and why? Nursing health human resources cover a wide and complex range of topics. For practical purposes, the research divides issues into two main areas -workplace and workforce. Workplace issues include workload, leadership and professional development, scheduling, safety, and concerns about how best to balance professional and personal life. Workforce issues involve education and training, professional identity, scopes of practice, and health human resource planning.
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    Workforce Assessment, Planning and Policy, Education, Training and Development, Nursing Human Resources Management, Work Environment
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