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  • Date
  • Title
    Human Becoming and 80/20: An Innovative Professional Development Model for Nurses
  • Journal

  • Publisher
    SAGE Publications; Nursing Science Quarterly
  • Year
  • Author
    Bournes DA and Ferguson-Par? M
  • Description
    [Excerpt from publisher]The authors describe a study that evaluated implementation of a professional development model in which nurses spend 80% of their salaried time in direct patient care and 20% of their salaried time on professional development. The professional development time includes focused learning about patient-centered practice guided by the human becoming nursing theory. A qualitative descriptive preproject-process-postproject method and a longitudinal, repeated measures, descriptive-comparative method were used to answer the research questions. Participants were 33 nurses, 11 other nurse leaders and health professionals, and 55 patients and family members. The findings show that on the study unit overtime hours decreased significantly, the education hours were sustained throughout the study period, workload hours per patient day increased significantly, sick time stayed low, patient satisfaction scores increased, staff satisfaction scores were significantly higher than for comparator groups, and turnover was non-existent among study participants in year 2. Average variable direct labor cost increased over time, but the increase was not significantly higher than on the control units. Themes from the interviews with participants are presented. Ongoing evaluation of the model and implications for future research are discussed.
  • Categories
    Nursing Human Resources Management, Work Environment, Good/Promising Practices in Nursing Recruitment and Retention
  • Keywords
    retention; recruitment; Nursing Human Resources Management; professional development
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