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    International Migration of Nurses: Introduction
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    Health Services Research; Blackwell Synergy
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    Pittman P, Aiken L.H. and Buchan J
  • Description
    [Excerpt from authors]The migration of highly skilled workers from less-developed nations to industrialized nations is an inevitable part of the process of globalization and has positive and negative aspects. Those potentially advantaged often include the individuals who move and the source, or home, country that receives capital in the form of remittances from those who have moved. At the same time, major disadvantages are incurred if departures impair a country's ability to deliver vital services in local communities. While nurse migration affects different countries in different ways, there is a troubling pattern of growing disparity in which poor nations with the fewest nurses are losing them to wealthy countries with the most nurses. As numerous reports have noted, developing nations often publicly fund nurse education, making the loss of nurses to wealthy countries in effect a massive public subsidy from the poorest to the richest areas of the world.1 This special issue includes a set of case studies for countries that represent a spectrum of different situations in relation to nursing shortages and migration.
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    Workforce Assessment, Planning and Policy
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    international migration
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