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    Zambia Performance-Based Incentives Pilot Study
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    Quality Assurance Project
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    Furth R
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    [Excerpt from author]There are many challenges to fostering performance improvement in resource-poor settings, and yet it is in these very contexts that staff are most in need of some sort of encouragement to perform their jobs well. Low salaries, poor working conditions, weak or non-existent management and supervision, and lack of decision-making authority, among other things, provide disincentives for staff to invest time and energy in improving health service delivery. The purpose of the Performance-based Incentives Pilot Study was to develop and test a process for motivating staff and increasing performance through financial and non-financial performance awards. The study was framed around two principal objectives: (1) To test the effects of financial and non-financial awards on healthcare worker motivation, and (2) To examine the impact of performance-based awards on health center performance and achievement of selected health indicators.
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    Nursing Human Resources Management
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    motivation; incentives; Nursing Human Resources Management
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