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    Job Satisfaction Among Nurses in China
  • Journal

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    SAGE Publications, Home Health Care Management & Practice
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  • Author
    Hu J and Liu H
  • Description
    [Excerpt from publisher] This study examined job satisfaction among nurses in China. A nationwide survey was conducted with 403 nurses employed at hospitals in 16 provinces in China using the Job Descriptive Index Scale. The findings indicated that, overall, nurses were dissatisfied with work, pay, and promotions. Pay was rated as the least satisfying aspect of work followed by promotions. Nurses with more years of experience, higher professional titles, and more opportunities to attend continuing education programs were more likely to have a high level of job satisfaction than nurses with fewer years of experience, lower professional titles, and fewer opportunities to attend continuing education programs. Nurse managers should pay close attention to nurses'pay, career advancement opportunities, and promotions. They should recognize nurses' achievements and provide opportunities for continuing education programs and independent work with emphasis on critical thinking and decision making, autonomy, accountability, and delegation.
  • Categories
    Education, Training and Development, Nursing Human Resources Management, Work Environment
  • Keywords
    job satisfaction; retention; recruitment; continuing education ; continuing professional development
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