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    A New Database of Health Professional Emigration from Africa - Working Paper 95
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    Center for Global Development
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    Clemens MA and Pettersson G
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    [Excerpt from authors]The migration of doctors and nurses from Africa to rich countries has raised fears of an African medical brain drain. But empirical research on the issue has been hampered by lack of data. How many doctors and nurses have left Africa? Which countries did they leave? Where have they settled? To answer these questions, CGD's Michael Clemens and Gunilla Pettersson have compiled a dataset of the cumulative bilateral net flows of African-born physicians and nurses to the nine most important destination countries. It is the first dataset of bilateral migration flows specific to a skilled profession collected systematically for a large number of developing countries. Compilation of the dataset is a part of CGD's ongoing research on the links between international labor mobility and global development. This short note makes the data available to the research community.
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    Workforce Assessment, Planning and Policy
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    international migration
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