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  • Date
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    Retention of Health Care Workers in Low-Resource Settings: Challenges and Responses
  • Journal

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    The Capacity Project
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  • Author
    Yumkella F
  • Description
    This technical brief explores the challenges and responses to the retention of health care workers in low-resource settings. [Excerpt from author] Conclusions:While the literature contains evidence-based examples of the magnitude of and causes for turnover, evidencebasedinformation on tested approaches to improve retention remains scarce.Notwithstanding this limitation, anecdotal findings suggest health care managers and organizations should examine three opportunity areas-financial compensation, improving the work environment and strategies to manage migration-in determining which approach or combination of approaches will deliver the greatest potential impact on maintaining a qualified workforce.
  • Categories
    Nursing Human Resources Management, Work Environment
  • Keywords
    Turnover; interantional migration; incentives; financial incentives; non-financial incentives; workplace logistics and supplies; working conditions; job stress; salary and wage; performance management; occupational health and safety; career planning and d
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