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    Reducing the Impact of HIV/AIDS on Nursing/Midwifery Personnel - ICN Position Statement
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    International Council of Nurses
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    [Excerpt from publisher] HIV/AIDS is a growing public health problem with complex social and behavioural issues related to protection, prevention of transmission and care for nursing and midwifery personnel caring for people living with HIV/AIDS. The social stigma associated with HIV, the disease's long period of 'invisibility' and the determination of whether infection was related to behavioural risks such as sexual transmission or occupational exposure, add to the complexity of HIV/AIDS in the workplace. The widespread emergence of other infectious disease such as tuberculosis (TB), and the significant prevalence of Hepatitis B and C have increased the potential for occupational exposure by nurses/midwives, necessitating appropriate supplies and protective personal equipment and consistent use of universal precautions.
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    Work Environment
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    occupational health and safety; HIV/AIDS; nurses; midwives
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