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    Abuse and Violence Against Nursing Personnel - ICN Position Statement
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    International Council of Nurses
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    [Excerpt from publisher] Sickness and potential life-threatening factors cause stress in patients, their family members, and personnel in the health workplace. Such stress can aggravate factors that lead to violence; the levels of which are reportedly on the increase in society in general, and in the health workplace in particular. Workplace violence is universal and pervasive. The impact of psychological violence is as great if not greater than physical violence. It is also more widespread. Working conditions in the health sector place nursing and other health personnel at greater risk of violence, because of:Staffing patterns, including inadequate staffing levels and supervision, the use of temporary and inexperienced staff, heavy workloads and being solely responsible for health care units.Shift work, including commuting to and from work at night.Poor security measures in health facilities.Interventions demanding close physical contact.Demanding workloads, often occurring in emotionally charged environments.Highly accessible worksites with little to no privacy.Home visiting with its associated isolation.
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    Nursing Human Resources Management, Work Environment
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    workplace violence; nurses; working conditions, work environment; safe staffing; shift work
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