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    Retention Strategies for Nursing: A Profile of Four Countries
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    Nursing Health Services Research Unit
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    Baumann B, Yan J, Degelder J and Malikov K
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    [Excerpt from authors] This report is a brief overview of retention strategies and is of interest to health care planners at both the national and international level. Using Uganda, the United Kingdom (UK), Canada, and Thailand as exemplars, it demonstrates that progress has been made in nurse retention. For example, according to data from the UK (one of the major recipients of overseas trained nurses), only 18 nurses or 0.41% of Uganda's nursing stock were registered for practice in the UK in 2002 (Ross, Polsky, & Sochalski, 2005). A WHO commissioned study conducted in six African countries found that that only 18% of midwives and 24% of nurses from Uganda want to emigrate (Awases, Gbary, Nyoni, & Chatora, 2004). The current report outlines the effective retention practices used in the countries, as well as the background economics of each country, some of the overarching health policies, actual nursing retention policies, and relevant grey and published literature.
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    Workforce Assessment, Planning and Policy, Nursing Human Resources Management
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