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    Health Human Resources Trends in the Americas: Evidence for Action (Draft for Discussion)
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    Pan American Health Organization's Observatory of Human Resources in Health - PAHO/WHO
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    Cameron R
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    [Excerpt from author] This collaborative review of human resources for health in the Americas was undertaken in follow-up to the Toronto Call to Action, the Seventh Regional Meeting of the Pan American Health Organization's Observatory of Human Resources in Health, held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, October 4-7, 2005 [....] The report recommends that: a clear determination of the region's supply of health human resources be undertaken; a code of practice for the management of the internal recruitment of health care professionals be collaboratively developed and implemented; community-based workforce recruitment and retention mechanisms be supported that are responsive to local workforce needs; total enrollments and student mix in professional schools be closely linked to identified community needs and that policies and incentives be introduced to reduce student attrition and to enhance the geographic distribution of the health workforce; primary health care delivery teams, that emphasize an increase in both nursing numbers and their competency ranges to maximize service delivery flexibility should be supported and promoted at the community level; and, an inter-regional expert team be struck to develop a human resource planning framework, to identify regional planning priorities, to conduct country assessments in the areas of highest need, and, to promote the development of a health human resource minimum data set to support the region's current and long-term planning processes.
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