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    Workplace Violence in the Health Sector: Country Case Studies: Brazil, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Portugal, South Africa, Thailand, and an Additional Australian Study
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    International Labour Office; International Council of Nurses; World Health Organization; Public Services International
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    Di Martino V
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    [Excerpt from author]The International Labour Office (ILO), the International Council of Nurses (ICN), the World Health Organization (WHO) and Public Services International (PSI) launched in 2000 a joint programme in order to develop sound policies and practical approaches for the prevention and elimination of violence in the health sector. When the programme was first established and information gaps were identified, it was decided to launch a number of country studies as well as cross-cutting theme studies and to conclude by drafting guidelines to address workplace violence in the health sector. This working paper presents the Synthesis Report of the commissioned country reports to stimulate further discussion in the area of workplace violence, encourage fact-finding research in other countries and support sound policy-making.
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    Work Environment
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    workplace violence
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