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    Satisfied Workers, Retained Workers:Effects of Work and Work Environment on Homecare Workers' Job Satisfaction, Stress, Physical Health, and Retention
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    Canadian Health Services Research Foundation
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    Zeytinoglu IU and Denton M
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    [Excerpt from authors]The goal of this project was to assist health system managers and policy makers develop policies and strategies to recruit and retain human resources in the homecare sector and have a satisfied, healthy workforce. Researchers worked in partnership with the agencies and the unions representing workers in the agencies to examine the effects of work and work environments on homecare workers' emotional, mental, and physical health and intention to leave their workplaces. The overall research question was: How do the work characteristics of homecare workers and the work environment in homecare contribute to job satisfaction, stress, physical health, and retention? The factors we examined were job characteristics (non-standard work, flexible work, flexible pay, and flexible work schedules), physical and psychosocial work factors (physical work environment, heavy workload, work intensification, job insecurity, and social support), and factors related to organizational change (restructuring and perceived impact on clients). More specifically, we explored the impact of these factors on employee and organizational outcomes.
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    Nursing Human Resources Management, Work Environment
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