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  • Date
  • Title
    Mobbing in health sector: sample of university hospital
  • Journal

    Journal of Health Management
  • Publisher
    SAGE Publications
  • Year
  • Author
    Somunoglu S; Gedik A; Kurt DE; Eygi G; Gebedek S; Ilhan Y; Sag Z
  • Description
    "To identify the presence of mobbing, this study was conducted in a university hospital located in Zonguldak city. When the mobbing behaviours against nurses were examined, mobbing was listed as a humiliating and unfavourable communication (57.8%), verbal threats (26.2%), physical attacks (5.9%), verbal or behavioural sexual attacks (8%), and prevention of self-improvement opportunities (17.6%)." (extract from abstract)
  • Categories
    Work Environment
  • Keywords
    bullying; work environment; turnover;
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