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    Appreciating age diversity and German nurse well-being and commitment: Co-worker trust as the mediator
  • Journal

    Nursing & Health Sciences
  • Publisher
    Blackwell Publishing
  • Year
  • Author
    Lehmann-Willenbrock N, Lei Z & Kauffeld S
  • Description
    "...Specifically, we suggest that age diversity appreciation is positively related to nurses' well-being (stress and work–life balance), and also positively related to their team commitment. We further hypothesize that nurses' trust in co-workers mediates the hypothesized relationships. Our survey data of 138 nurses in a large hospital in Germany supported our hypotheses. We discuss both theoretical and managerial implications of our findings in the context of age diversity and nursing work outcomes in hospitals." (extract from abstract)
  • Categories
    Nursing Human Resources Management, Work Environment, Good/Promising Practices in Nursing Recruitment and Retention
  • Keywords
    diversity, multigenerational, trust, well-being, work environment, work-life balance, stress, age
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