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    Incorporating Failure to Rescue Elements into Perinatal Documentation System
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    Catherine H. Ivory
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    April 2001 - Present
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    There has been little research or development effort toward standardizing the documentation in perinatal medical records. Such variation contributes to data inconsistencies an the inability to equate perinatal nursing interventions with corresponding perinatal outcomes. Further, process measurement tools, such as a perinatal failure to rescue (P-FTR) tool endorsed by the AHRQ, are difficult to implement because of the inability to retrieve the elements from perinatal medical records.

    This research has two aims:
    1. To establish consensus definitions for the elements of P-FTR
    2. To explore three standardized terminologies (CCC, LOINC-clinical, and ICNP) for whether the elements of P-FTR are included.
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