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    Assessment of Risk to Human Health including Environmental Factors in the Language of Nursing Practice
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    Glauce Araújo Ideião Lins Advisor: Dra Maria Miriam Lima Nóbrega
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    July 2009 - Present
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    This research aims to identify which of the terms contained in ICNP® Version 2 is being used in the practice of nursing in relation to risk assessment under the Environmental Health, through the comparison of the terms contained in model of seven lines of ICNP® Version 2 with the terms in the Manual on risk assessment ATSDR, according to their equity and/or semantic similarity. Methodology: This is a bibliographical study, quantitative, exploratory and comparative, to evaluate the language of nursing in the field for the Evaluation of human health risk related to the variables of Environmental Health. The work was chosen the most current version of the ICNP ® Version 2.0, and from literature, the manual of the American Registry Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease (ATSDR), which is used in Brazil as a model to assess the health data and environment and recommend actions in the health sector to be applied in the care of people exposed.
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