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    ICNP® Validation Project in Brasil
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    Grace Sasso
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    Methodological research and technological production of quantitative nature whose objective was the development of a Computerized Nursing Process through the Web for the politraumatized Patients in Intensive Care. The study was conducted in the period of November and December, 2006 with a sample of 10 evaluators constituted by teachers, nurses and computer programmers to evaluate the system, apart from continuing evaluations performed of the whole technological production that was developed. The research was approved by the Research Ethics Board of the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil (UFSC) under the protocol N 234/06. The methodology was in accordance with the norms from Systems Technology and encompassed: the collection of specifications, the analysis of computerized technology, the structuring, modeling and implementation of data that were developed in PHP using an Apache server and the MySQL data base with a classical structure Entity – Relational system , modeled in the DbDesigner program. The evaluation of the computerized nursing process was developed through two moments: its process of design, and the ergonomics, usefulness and content criteria. The system was developed into 4 modules and was based on the norms of the International Classification Nursing of Practice (ICNP®) 1.0 and on different authors that served as reference. The results showed that the system complies with ergonomics and content criteria, drawing attention for the system interface, content and security of data, and was scored Very Good. As the process is still being developed the criteria of usefulness was the one that was granted the lowest score, mostly because some items have not yet been applied into the system. The results also showed that from the 975 diagnosis elaborated, 314 were validated, and from the 825 interventions included, 464 were also validated. Thus, the system can be used as a means of support and clinical decision by nurses as it includes in its Web structure data of evaluations, diagnosis and interventions that are interconnected, systems of alert, guidelines for checking, data base for reference and a search tool in real time. It was concluded that the computerized system developed in connection with (CIPE) proved to be a structure that promotes the organization, the control and logical visualization of clinical reasoning throughout the process of giving assistance to the patient in intensive therapy with computerized resources. Therefore the process of Computerized Nursing as a system of information challenges the nurses and leads them to deepen the clinical evaluation and care given with the aim of providing a secure and capable assistance, free of risk according to the patients’ needs.
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