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    Mapping Clinical Care Classification (CCC) to the ICNP®
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    Virginia Saba
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    March 2005 to Present
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    Exhibit A. Project Description The purpose of this project is to map Clinical Care Classification (CCC) to the International Classification for Nursing Practice (ICNP®). The CCC Nursing Diagnoses and Nursing Interventions will first be mapped to ICNP® concepts using Protege software. After a preliminary technical mapping is completed, experts in ICNP® and CCC will assist in conceptual validation of the mappings. Exhibit B. Pre-existing Non-ICN Material: The Clinical Care Classification (CCC) is copyrighted by Virginia K. Saba. The CCC (version 2.0) is the new name for the original Home Health Care Classification (HHCC) Version 1.0 System empirically developed from the Home Care Project. It consists of two interrelated CCC terminologies: (I) the CCC of Nursing Diagnoses and (2) the CCC of Nursing Interventions both of which are classified by 21 Care Components. Each of the two terminologies also use modifiers to expand each terminology to a second level of specificity. The CCC of Nursing Diagnoses uses one of three modifiers [(1) Improved, (2) Stabilized, and (3) Deteriorated] to code the expected and /or actual outcomes. These three modifiers depict 546 unique outcomes. The CCC of Nursing Interventions uses one of four modifiers to code the specific Type of Action [1) Assess or Monitor, (2) Care or Perform, (3) Teach or Educate, (4) Manage or Administer]. These four modifiers depict a total of 792 unique Interventions. The two terminologies are coded using a five character alphanumeric coding structure based on the format of the ICD-IO. The coding facilitates computer processing, allows for the linking between the two terminologies and the mapping to other nursing or medical terminologies.
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