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Contact Information Sheet
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    The General Council of Nursing (Consejo General de Colegios Oficiales de Enfermeria de España - CGE)
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    Fuente del rey, 2
    28023 Aravaca

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    Fuente del rey, 2
    28023 Aravaca

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    +34 91 334 55 20
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    +34 91 334 55 03
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    Dr. Máximo González Jurado President
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    The General Council of Nursing (GCN) is a professional organisation with over 100 years of history, which on the basis of the aim and the role attributed by the Statute Approved by the Royal Decree 1231, of 8th November 2001, became the referral for the nursing profession, representing 200,000 registered nurses.

    The main regulations of this organisation are the Law of the Professional Colleges (Law nº 2/1974, of 13th February, as they stand according to the Law 7/1997, of 14th April) and the recent General Statutes, approved by the Royal Decree 1231/2001, of 8th November 2001, where not only the corporative structure, with the new bodies of the General Council and its competences are recognised, but also the mentioned basic principles of the nursing profession.

    In agreement with the aforementioned regulation, aims of the GCN are:

    • Regulating within the scope of its competition and in agreement with the Constitution and the Laws, the practice of the nursing profession;
    • Representing exclusively the nursing profession on a national and international basis;
    • Defending and protecting the interests of the professionals and nursing, by exerting the disciplinary power and resolving any claims.
    • protecting the interests of consumers and users of the services of their members (In responding to the new law 25/2009 for the amendment of various laws to adapt to the law on free access to activities and exercising) (assessed on 08.08.2011)

  • Health System

    The right of all citizens to have health protection and care is laid down in article 43 of the Spanish Constitution of 1978. The main principles governing the exercise of this right are regulated by the General Health Act 14/1986, as follows:

    • Public funding, with universal, free health services at the time of use;
    • Specific rights and duties for citizens and for public authorities;
    • Devolution of health affairs to the Autonomous Communities;
    • Provision of holistic health care, aiming to achieve high quality, with proper evaluation and control; and
    • Inclusion of the different public health structures and services in the National Health System.

    The National Health Systemis therefore made up of both the State and Autonomous Community Health Departments and covers all the health functions and services for which the public authorities are legally responsible.The Spanish Constitution of 1978 established a territorial structure that allowed devolution to the Autonomous Communities of powers in the area of health. As a result, through their respective Autonomy Statutes, all the Autonomous Communities have gradually taken on such powers. The devolution of health care powers from the National Health Institute (INSALUD) began in 1981 and was completed in 2002, with the Central State Administration keeping the responsibility for health management in the Autonomous Cities of Ceuta and Melilla, through the National Institute for Health Management (INGESA). Each Autonomous Community has a Regional Health Service, which is the administrative and management body responsible for all the centres, services, and facilities in its own Community, whether these are organised by regional or town councils or other intra-Community Administrations. Health care in Spain is a non-contributory benefit. It is paid for through taxation and is included in the general budget for each Autonomous Community. Two additional funds are the Cohesion Fund managed by the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs and the Savings Programme for Temporary Incapacity. Health care is one of the main instruments of policies to redistribute income amongst Spanish citizens: all citizens pay taxes in line with their financial capacity and receive health services as needed. (Accessed on 08.08.2011)

    (validated September 2011)

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