Contact Information Sheet

Contact Information Sheet
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    National Board of Health (Sundhedsstryrelsen)
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    Postal Address
    Islands Brygge 67
    DK 2300
    Copenhagen South
    PO BOX 1881

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    Islands Brygge 67
    DK 2300
    Copenhagen South

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    +45 4222 7552
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    +45 7222 7411
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    Mrs Randi Gjerding
  • Regulatory Body
    According to the Act on Healthcare Services from 2005, it is the responsibility of the National Board of Health to monitor and supervise work carried out by health care professionals within the health service.

    The National Board of Health and Welfare in Denmark was established to promote the possibility of a healthy life for the citizens of Denmark through monitoring, supervision, consultation, administration and development. The Board is responsible for coordination and development of supervision in the social services, together with the Danish county administrative boards.

    The Board follows up and evaluates reforms, legislation and activities conducted by municipalities, county councils and other organisations. It supports quality assurance in health care and issues certificates of registration to 17 professional groups.

    The work includes promoting the development of knowledge and establishing skill, experience and qualification requirements for different staff groups in care and nursing. The National Board of Health holds registers of all groups of health personnel, who are required to be registered (authorised) in order to work in Denmark, incl. nurses and midwives. (assessed 23.04.2009)

  • Health System
    Danish healthcare is both tax funded and almost entirely publicly provided. One factor which clearly distinguishes the Danish system is its basis on the regional and municipal levels of government. The ‘cornerstones’ of the Danish healthcare system are: it is a public healthcare system predominantly financed through general taxes; healthcare is organised in such a way that responsibility for services provided lies within the lowest administrative level, usually the county councils; there should be universal, free and equal access for all 5.4 million citizens; it should promote efficiency, be of high quality, and enable free choice of provider by users. The services are financed through income tax and there exists only one state-run health insurance. (accessed on 23.04.2009)

    There are 2 sectors: A Primary sector, which concerns the areas of treatment and care as well as prevention; and a Hospital sector for treatment of diseases, which require special equipment and care by a specialist as well as intensive care. Every insured party is entitled to hospital treatment and maternity care.

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    56.26392, 9.501785
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