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Contact Information Sheet
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    Federal Ministry of Health and Women Das Bundesministerium fur Gesundheit und Frauen (BMGF)
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    Radetzkystrabe 2

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    +43 1 711 00 41 96
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    +43 1 713 44 04 21 84
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    Mrs. Johanna Ehmsen-Hohn
    Head of Department
  • Regulatory Body
    In Austria nursing is regulated by the government, the Federal Ministry of Health and Women. There is no register for nursing professions. Registration is compulsory for Midwives only.

    The educational Diploma entitles Nurses for the practice of the profession. In order for nurses to exercise their profession they need a three year education programme (4600 hours) covering various fields of education. This is regulated by the legal act 1997 (Gesundheits-und Krankenpflegesetz), BGBI.I NR.108/1997)

    Nurses can work as self employed or may be employed by hospitals or other institutions under medical or nursing management supervision. (assessed on 23.03.2009)

  • Health System
    Austria is a democratic republic and a federal state which is composed of nine Länder. The Austrian health care system is characterized by the federalist structure of the country, the delegation of competencies to self-governing stakeholders in the social insurance system as well as by cross-stakeholder structures at federal and Länder level which possess competencies in cooperative planning, coordination and financing.

    According to the Federal Constitution, almost all areas of the health care system are primarily the regulatory responsibility of the federal government. The most important exception is the hospital sector. In this area, the federal government is only responsible for enacting basic law; legislation on implementation and enforcement is the responsibility of the nine Länder.

    Sourced from:
    European Observatory of Health Systems and Policies- Health Systems in Transition Austria (2006) (accessed 23.04.2009)

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    47.516231, 14.550072
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