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Contact Information Sheet
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    The Bermuda Nursing Council
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    Bermuda Nursing Council
    Ministry of Health & Family Services
    P. O. Box 674,
    Hamilton HM CX,

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    +1 (441) 278-4987
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    +1 (441) 232-1823
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    Lucille Parker
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    The Bermuda Nursing Council (BNC) was established under the Nurses Act 1969.  The Nursing Act 1997. Act No. 16 of 1997 repeals the Nurses Act 1969. The BNC is responsible to the Ministry of Health.

    The role and functions of the BNC includes the following.  It:

    • Regulates nursing practice;
    • Revises rules and regulations governing nursing;
    • Issues licenses to persons who qualify to practice;
    • Upholds quality nursing standards;
    • Prescribes minimum educational courses for nurses wishing to practice in Bermuda;
    • Maintains a library source of accredited schools;
    • Provides financial assistance to nursing students through an awards scheme;
    • Advises prospective nursing students of other awards and scholarships;
    • Denies or suspend or revoke individual licenses for failure to comply with or meet council requirements; and
    • Prosecutes nurses who violate the law as determined by the Bermuda Nursing Council Act.

    The Nursing Act 1997 guides its day to day activities. Under the Nurses Act 1969, all nurses of all types, whether registered or enrolled, are required to renew their licenses annually, for a specific fee. Those not meeting the October 31 deadline pay a late licensing fee and are suspended from their jobs until payment is received. There is also a register of Inactive nurses and a fee payable by them.

    The Council provides scholarships to students who have entered a Nurse Training Program at a Council-approved institution, leading to eligibility for Licensure as a Registered Nurse in Bermuda. (accessed on 23.04.2009)

  • Health System

    Responsibility for public health care systems lies with the Ministry of Health and Family Services. The Ministry is mandated to promote and protect the health and well being of the islands' residents and is charged with assuring the provision of health care services, setting standards and providing coordination of the health care system. The Minister of Health sets public policy and reports to the Cabinet.
    The Ministry has responsibility for health planning, and evaluation; there is no central planning agency.

    The ministry is also responsible for the islands' hospitals. There is one acute care hospital on the island, the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, the general hospital with 226 beds; and St. Brendan's Hospital, a psychiatric hospital with 120 beds. Bermuda has no universal, publicly funded health insurance. (accessed on 23.04.2009)

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