Nursing Student Assembly

The ICN Congress Nursing Student Assembly will be held on Saturday 18 May from 09:00 to 13:00 in Rooms 203 & 204 of the MCEC. Simultaneous interpretation will be provided in English, French and Spanish. The Assembly provides nursing students enrolled in basic nursing education programmes (first entry level) the opportunity to meet and explore priority issues.

In addition, the students are given the possibility of presenting a summary of their discussions to the ICN Council of National Representatives. This is primarily an assembly of basic programme students. However, post-basic nursing students interested in attending the Student Assembly will be granted observer status if space permits. Full Congress registration fees will however be imposed. While this meeting will be facilitated by ICN, the students themselves are responsible for its development and implementation.

The student groups contributed to the development of the programme agenda and student representatives of the Australian College of Nursing will chair and speak at the Assembly. The theme of the Assembly is "The socio-technical nurse".

09:00 Welcome Address
09:05 What are the aims of the Student Assembly?
09:15 Australian College of Nursing – our engagement with students and early career nurses
09:25 Presentation 1: I'll just Google it
09:55 Q&A
10:10 Presentation 2: The sociotechnical nurse swims into the future
10:40 Q&A & break
11:15 Presentation 3: Social media and patient privacy – Where's the line?
11:45 Q&A
12:00 Presentation 4: Reaching out to an untapped resource: the rise of tele-education in regional and remote locations in Australia
12:30 Q&A
12:45 Outcomes and Closing Address

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