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About ICN FAQ What is the main work of the International Council of Nurses?

What is the main work of the International Council of Nurses?

ICN’s mission is to represent nursing internationally, advancing the profession and influencing health policy worldwide. ICN works in three main programme areas to improve nursing and health. These are known as ICN's Pillars and they are: Professional Practice, Regulation and Social Economic Welfare.


ICN’s work in many areas of professional practice, regulation and socio-economic welfare guides the work in your country, particularly related to nursing standards and health and nursing policy.


ICN provides a wide range of publications on current issues and our Position Statements are available free of charge from our website. Each year we publish and disseminate the International Nurses’ Day Kit, for use in the world-wide celebrations of International Nurses’ Day on May 12.


We have important professional practice and socio-economic welfare projects (Leadership for Change, ICNP®, Leadership in Negotiation) ongoing in Latin America, the Caribbean, the South Pacific, Africa and Asia.

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