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Partners in Development Award

About the Award

The Partners in Development Award recognises foundations, corporations, non-governmental organisations or other groups that have demonstrated outstanding leadership and investment in in nursing and health care capacity building.

Award Recipients

The 2007 inaugural recipient was Merck & Co. for supporting the innovative and effective ICN’s Mobile Nursing Library programme  and in recognition of its leadership in corporate social responsibility, its contribution to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and its sustained commitment to strengthening and supporting nursing in delivering quality care.

In 2009, the Award was presented to Elsevier, the world’s leading publisher of health and science information, for their support and collaboration of ICN’s Mobile Library project and their shared conviction that quality health care begins with access to quality health care information.

In 2011, the Award was presented to BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company),  a global medical technology company, whose moral, financial and technical support for nurses leading the ICN Wellness Centres for Health Care Workers® programme since its initiation in 2006 has contributed significantly to ensuring access to health and wellness services for health care workers and their families in sub-Saharan Africa.

The multinational pharmaceutical corporation Pfizer Inc. received the 2013 Partners in Development Award for its tremendous and longstanding contribution to raise the role of nurses and to strengthen health care systems globally by collaborating with ICN on numerous projects.

The 2013 Partners in Development Award recognised Pfizer Inc.’s vision and commitment in partnering with ICN to initiate and continue to support the Global Nursing Leadership Institute, as well as its passionate collaboration on so many other projects: the Girl Child Education Fund (GCEF), including the sponsorship of the FNIF Luncheon and the support for the annual GCEF Coordinators’ workshop, the Non-Communicable Diseases Campaign, global nursing surveys and toolkit on counterfeit medicines. In recognition of the important role of nurses, Pfizer has established a platform to engage nurses, and commissioned global research on nurse perceptions in order to identify nurses’ key concerns and areas in which Pfizer might support nurses and, by doing so, strengthen health care systems, globally.

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