NNAs Innovation Award

The ICN NNAs Innovation Award was created in 2010 to acknowledge NNAs’ successful accomplishments in inclusiveness, diversity and creativity.


ICN members in good standing and having developed successful innovative strategies, such as membership strengthening through specific programmes and/or support offered to their members and/or successful initiatives at NNA or national level to increase the diversity and inclusiveness of the nursing profession, are eligible for the NNA Innovation award.

Nominations and Selection

This award is self-nominative. Applying NNAs are requested to submit a description of their innovative and successful strategies in inclusiveness, diversity, and creativity focused upon their NNA and/or the nursing profession.

The ICN Award Committee conducts the assessment of the contributions for recommendations to the ICN Board.

One recipient and two runners up are selected every four years.

Presentation of the Prize

The NNAs Innovation Award is given once per quadrennium in a Congress year. The recipient and runners-up are invited to present at the Congress which immediately follows the CNR where the prize is presented for wider sharing and communication.

Conference fees for one presenter from each of the winner and runners up are waived.

Award Recipients

The inaugural NNAs Innovation Award was presented to the Mauritius Nurses Association at the CNR meeting in Melbourne in 2013 for MNA’s innovative achievements.

The Spanish College of Nurses was selected as first runner-up for the development of the communication platform InfoEnfermería; and the Canadian Nurses Association was selected as second runner-up for the innovative CNA Network of nursing specialty groups.


Repository of NNA innovative strategies and best practices (for members only)

The NNAs Innovation Award provides opportunity to gather the NNAs innovations in a repository to assist in the dissemination and sharing of the nurses/nursing innovations amongst NNAs.



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