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                                        Grow Your Wellness Health Risk Assessment
   Dr. Norma Lang, Distinguished Professor, who was instrumental in starting ICNP 25 years ago, visited with the ICN eHealth team members in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA .<br />
Norma Lang
                                        Grow Your Wellness Health Risk Assessment


  • Stand up and be counted! It’s good for your health! We’re excited to announce the launch of the new Grow your Wellness Health Risk Assessment! This easy-to-use online tool gives you a fast and effective snapshot of your personal and workplace health risk factors. You can also compare your scores with nursing colleagues in your country and around the world”.

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  • ICN is proud to support the Access Our Medicine Initiative. While monumental advances have been made in healthcare, two billion people still have no access to the life-saving medicine they need. Global priorities for the next 15 years are being decided now through the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We need to ensure that access to affordable medicine is understood as a basic human right through these goals.  Over 93,000 signatures have been collected for affordable medicine.  By adding your name at www.accessourmedicine.com, you can join thousands of individuals and organizations from around the world who declare that medicines must be affordable to all. Our mission is to use our collective statement as a challenge to all stakeholders – from patients to healthcare providers, industry leaders to innovators – to work together to create transformative ideas, unique models and groundbreaking innovations that will bring affordable medicine to all. Everyone is invited. Every name is valued. Join us.

  • David Benton will deliver the keynote address on “The Global Dimensions of Care” at the 8th international nursing symposium: “Taking Time to Care: Cultivating Compassion in Nursing” in Saudi Arabia on 23-24 March. He will also give a presentation on “The role of continuing education in meeting care needs”.

  • Press Release : Refugee and Women's Health Top Concerns for Winner of Nursing's International Achievement Award. Read more...
  • Nurses: A Force for Change: Care Effective, Cost Effective - click here for ICN's International Nurses Day 2015 kit !
  • For job postings at the World Health Organization, please click here.



The Malta Union of Midwives & Nurses is hosting the 11th European Commonwealth Conference on the theme 'Building Success - Nurses & Midwives Hold the Future'. Organised in collaboration with the Cyprus Nurses & Midwives Association and the Royal College of Nurses in the UK, the conference will be held on 6-7 March 2015.



Non-communicable disease

ICN recognises there is an urgent need for nurses everywhere to engage with their colleagues, communities and all sectors to address the growing threat of non-communicable disease. Our projects include the African Nurse Training Programme which aims to improve awareness, recognition and management of co-morbid diabetes and depression; the Grow Your Wellness online resource centre which provides a variety of educational, assessment, intervention and advocacy materials to support health professionals engaging in health and wellness activities; and participation in the WHO Global NCD Action Plan 2013-2020.